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The Daily Grind has different meanings for different people. Essentially what it does mean though is, that there are many people working at a job that they don’t enjoy.

What does The Daily Grind mean for you?

If you are in that 9-5 job  that you don’t enjoy you are in The Daily Grind.

If you find there is too much month left at the end of the money you are in The Daily Grind.

If you work for yourself and you are constantly under pressure for time you are in The Daily Grind.

What does The Daily Grind mean for you?

Welcome to your Escape Route

To kick things off, our goal is to help you design and implement your plan to Escape the Daily Grind. The plan could be for you to Escape in 5 years, it could be 3 years or it could even be 12 months.

At Escape the Daily Grind we also help people to build and maintain additional income streams to reduce or even eliminate the necessity on you trading your hours and time for your income.

The reality of the Daily Grind is that you always need your weekly or monthly income to pay your bills and meet your commitments.

Those financial commitments can for many people keep people in a job that they don’t enjoy and subsequently cause unnecessary stress in your life.

Here is a question to really make you think.

If you were made redundant/lost your job today, or you if your business closed today how much of your income would you lose?

If the answer is ‘all of it’ – here is where your Escape Plan can start!!

The Escape the Daily Grind team can help you leverage the 4 key areas of property, stocks, investments and Business’s to grow additional income streams and have more time freedom and financial confidence.

We believe in the philosophy of Robert Kiyosaki’s outlined in his New York Times best selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad

“Get your money to work for you as oppose to you always having to  work for your money”!

Having money work for you is an asset that produces income (Cashflow) and we regularly play the Rich Dad’s Cashflow 101 Game© to help people identify there own Escape Plan.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Escape the Daily Grind community!

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